National Studies

STARSurg has conducted 3 national cohort studies to date:

STARSurg 1 (2013-14) - A study on NSAID use in general surgery.

DISCOVER (2014-15) - A study on obesity and it's complications in general surgery.

OAKS-I (2015-16)- A study of acute kidney injury in surgery, the first phase of an overall quality improvement project designed to improve outcomes related to acute kidney injury in surgery nationally.

A record of the publications and presentations deriving from each of our studies is also available to view from the menu above.

Educational Activities

STARSurg empowers students to participate in high quality academic projects, and our educational courses help students gain further understanding of clinical academia, audit and research methodology, and ethical considerations. Our activities include:

  • GeneRAtiNg StUdent Recruiters for Surgical TriaLs (GRANULE) - The aim of this course is to teach medical students how to recruit patients to clinical trials. In doing so, we aim to nurture the next generation of surgical researchers while increasing recruitment to surgical trials. See here for our upcoming courses.
  • Running local research skills courses and online training activities in audit and academic methods. See here for our upcoming courses.
  • Organising an annual educational conference meeting for medical students.