Interested in presenting?

We are happy to help, presentations are a great asset on your CV.

The data from our projects belong to the whole collaborative. We will be broadly supportive of any applications from the local lead group to promote OAKS using presentations, newsletters, or articles. We can provide stock presentation slides, and run through scripts before any presentations to facilitate this. These must be discussed in advance with the STARSurg committee and no submission can be made without the committee’s approval. STARSurg unfortunately cannot provide funding for attendance of external events but would be very happy to signpost towards appropriate funding opportunities, and provide letters of support in application for funding from your medical school.

Contact the committee here:

For Curriculum Vitae purposes, best practice is to include presentations you have made yourself. If you do still wish to use these, please emphasise the collaborative work was presented at these meetings on behalf of the group – not that you were the presenter. Improperly citing presentations and publications may be construed as plagiarism.

Citations are recommended in the format as follows:

STARSurg Collaborative (Bloggs J *, data collector). The effects of body mass index on complications following major gastrointestinal surgery. A multicentre, prospective, observational cohort study. National Research Collaborative Meeting (NRCM) 7th National Research Collaborative Meeting, 4th December 2015, Sheffield (UK). * Presented by another collaborator on behalf of the STARSurg Collaborative