Imperial Lead Ross Goodson gives an insight into his role as local lead on the OAKS 2 project:

I first jointed STARSurg as a collaborator for the OAKS project. My role involved liaising a team of consultants and junior doctors to register the audit and collect data. As student participation is strongly encouraged, I was able to learn a great deal about the steps required to conduct high-quality research. I completed my role as a collaborator by presenting the study results at a local surgical meeting.

This year I have taken on the role of STARSurg local lead for North-West London. This position of greater responsibility involves management of the OAKS 2 project, the 12-month follow up to the previous study. The local leads take an active role in the development of the research protocol by discussing the project with consultant surgeons, intensivists and nephrologists. Once the protocol is decided upon, the leads recruite medical students, junior doctors and consultants to assist with the study. When the teams are in place the role involves supporting the collaborators with audit registration and data collection. The role is challenging and requires the effective use of teamwork, people management and planning.

During my time with STARSurg I have learnt a great deal of transferable skills that I will utilise in my future career. I would strongly encourage any medical student to get involved in any STARSurg future projects.

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