Get Involved

Are you a UK medical student?

You can participate in the largest national student collaborative effort and receive PubMed citable authorship, by simply participating in a STARSurg project.

STARSurg projects are surgically orientated, endorsed by the Royal College of Surgeons and aimed at producing high-quality studies to improve patient safety and care.

Alongside the STARSurg project is a comprehensive education program allowing you to learn the essential skills required to undertake research and audit in future.

For more information and to receive updates go to the registration page.

STARSurg Journal Club

A twitter-based surgical journal club targeted at undergraduate medical students and junior doctors in the UK. This ‘melting-pot’ of academic activity seeks to foster a new generation of motivated, skilled surgeon-scientists for the NHS.

Every month, discuss a topical surgical article on twitter in STARSurg Journal Club.

The article will be discussed for around an hour, with the objective of writing a letter to the editor on behalf of the STARSurg journal club.

Anyone can get involved, just keep an eye on the STARSurg twitter feed for the date, time and article to be discussed and tune in!