Thank you to all collaborators for your hard work, data collection for this project has now closed.

COMPASS is our 2019-2020 project: Management of COMPlicAted intra-abdominal collectionS after colorectal Surgery.

Drains are commonly used in the post-operative management of intra-abdominal collections after surgery. However, Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) guidelines and current systematic reviews of RCTs recommend avoiding the routine use of prophylactic drains for colorectal surgery procedures. Research has shown that they have no effect on the clinical outcome.

The primary aim of this study is to audit compliance to ERAS guidelines on avoiding routine placement of prophylactic drains in colorectal surgery.

Secondary aims are:

  • To characterise the incidence of complicated postoperative collections and their clinical management after colorectal surgery in an international cohort.
  • To assess whether placement of a postoperative drain is associated with earlier detection of collections and anastomotic leak.
  • To examine when drains can be safely removed.
  • To explore the clinical decision making process for drain placement after colorectal surgery.

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