STARSurg were lucky enough to be invited along with our partner collaborative Eurosurg to the European Society of Coloproctology (ESCP) Annual Conference in Berlin last week. The ESCP conference is one of the largest conferences in surgery worldwide.

Before the conference, STARSurg was invited to deliver a half day version of it’s GRANULE course, for training students to recruit patients to randomised trials. This the first time it has been delivered internationally, with participants from 7 countries, including New Zealand!

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The three day course featured experts from around the world presenting some of the recent landmark studies conducted in colorectal surgery. Eurosurg and STARSurg were delighted to launch our upcoming IMAGINE study and our previous work alongside these eminent speakers.

Eurosurg were given the opportunity to discuss their previous Eurosurg 1 study as well as two sessions to launch the IMAGINE project: a presentation and a dedicated parrallel session. At the parallel sessions delegates from new partner countries including Austrailia. New Zealand and more were introduced to the IMAGINE project and advised on launching a collaborative for the first time in their countries.

STARSurg also had 5 posters accepted to the conference, which may be viewed below:

















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