2016 is off to a promising and exciting start for STARSurg! Here’s a quick overview of what we’ve achieved since the end of the year, and what’s up and coming for STARSurg in the near future.

At the end of December, we invited applications for the STARSurg Steering Committee, and welcomed 6 new students, all of whom have been involved with STARSurg in the past, either as collaborators or local leads. Their details and positions on our national committee are listed below:

Evelina Woin – SIMPLE Coordinator

Aditya Borakati –  Journal Club & Online learning Coordinator

Praveena Deekonda – Local Lead Coordinator

Kenneth McLean – REDCap & Research Skills Courses Coordinator

Holly Joyce – Secretary & Publicity

Sivesh Kamarajah – Sponsorship Coordinator


Our 3rd and current national cohort study, OAKS (Outcomes After Kidney injury in Surgery) is now past the final data upload deadline (January 31st). To date we have 5500+ patient records uploaded, and with some centers being granted extension to upload, this number is likely to rise. Data validation for OAKS is now well underway and OAKS has now been closed. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our mini-team collaborators and local leads across the UK and Ireland for all of their hard work! STARSurg continues to grow from strength to strength and would be unable to do so without the support of our medical student members.


In late January the steering group met as a committee for our annual general meeting in Birmingham, where we discussed exciting developments. Here’s a quick run through of what we’ll be focusing on in the coming months.


GRANULE: GeneRAtiNg sUrgicaL rEcruiters for randomised trials

GRANULE is an exciting new initiative by STARSurg, aimed to train medical students and foundation doctors on fundamental concepts in randomised controlled trials in surgery. The primary aim is to enable candidates to recruit and randomize patients into RCTs. Candidates will be required to complete pre-training modules on RCT theory, research ethics, and theory behind designing and conducting RCTs. These essential skills will equip participants in their future postgraduate and collaborative research. The first GRANULE pilot course will be held on May 10th, applications for candidates will open shortly and be announced here in the near future.


SIMPLE: Simple Intervention to iMprove Patient cLinic Experience

SIMPLE is another upcoming project that STARSurg is currently planning. SIMPLE will focus on patient satisfaction with surgical consultations, and we will be releasing more information as this project continues to take shape! More details to follow.


We are also planning for upcoming events and meetings and hope to meet collaborators in person at the following:


ASiT-STARSurg Session: STARSurg is coming to the 40th annual ASiT conference in Liverpool! We will be hosting a parallel session on Sunday, March 20th, 2:00 – 3:30pm, where you can hear more about STARSurg’s current activity, in particular GRANULE.


Manchester Medical Research Student Society (MMR Soc) Conference  – STARSurg has been invited to deliver two workshops in Manchester at the upcoming MMR Soc conference on March 12th. The first workshop will be on ‘How to get involved in clinical audit’, and the second one will be ‘How to write an abstract/design a poster presentation’.

– We’re gearing up for two of our biggest meetings later on in the year, our Local Leads Meeting which will be in Birmingham in July, and our national meeting in September. Stay tuned for more info in due course!


Thank you once again to all our OAKS collaborators! For more updates on STARSurg’s activity, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and subscribe to our newsletter.


Written by: Praveena Deekonda, STARSurg Steering Group

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