GRANULE Delegates and Faculty

STARSurg ran it’s second GRANULE course on Monday in Birmingham, designed to train medical students to recruit patients to Randomized Control Trials. 

The one day course consisted of plenary sessions by leading researchers in trial recruitment and practical sessions with simulated patients to try and recruit them. Delegates also attained the Good Clinical Practice qualification which is necessary in the UK to recruit patients to clinical research.

Feedback from one of the delegates is below:

Firstly, I would like to say, prior to the course, how replies to emails were informative and speedy so thank you for this.

 Upon arrival on the Sunday night, I found the hotel clean and comfortable. I also enjoyed the meal at the Cosy Club, it was good to get to know the other delegates in an informal and relaxed setting prior to the course. I enjoyed the food (even if it was a little meat heavy!). Myself and a couple of others also commented on how convenient it was having the hotel, the restaurant and the RCS Ed in such close proximity to one another.

 The day of the course was very enjoyable.  I am a younger medical student and being alongside senior professors and junior doctors can often be intimidating, however, I felt welcomed and encouraged from the start. I was also worried that the course may be aimed above my level but I found it pitched perfectly and appropriate for all members of our group, regardless of whether they were a junior doctor or a first year medical student.

 The live demonstration was very helpful and allowed us to see how it should be done- definitely something that should be continued in the future. The most valuable part of the day was without doubt the afternoon interactive sessions- these really allowed us to learn and enhance our techniques and develop skills that will be very applicable in the future. It definitely was beneficial to keep rotating the actors/staff members as they had very different teaching points and styles and allowed us to pick up on different things- this also broke up the afternoon a bit which otherwise may have felt too samey.

 In summary I have had a great time on the course and in Birmingham and thank you very much for all your hard efforts. I look forward to future teaching events in the future.

We hope to be running more of these courses in the coming year, please sign up to our mailing list or follow us on social media to keep up to date with GRANULE and more.

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