IMAGINE will be our first international project, including countries across Europe and Australasia, in partnership with our sister collaborative Eurosurg. IMAGINE will investigate the incidence of ileus following surgery, whilst 'closing the loop' on our previous OAKS project looking at acute kidney injury.

Project Status

Protocol Development

Collaborator Registration

Audit Registration

Data Collection

Data Analysis

Manuscript Preparation

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IMAGINE Study Video

Project Resources

Compulsory E-Learning

STARSurg has produced a series of 4 e-learning modules for the IMAGINE project. These cover:

-Inclusion/ Exclusion Criteria

-Gastrointestinal Function Assessment

-The Clavien-Dindo Classification

-REDCap and Data Protection

Completion of all of them should take no longer half an hour to an hour. Successful completion is compulsory to participate in IMAGINE. You need to achieve 75% in each module, which includes all the interactive content in the module. You may repeat the module as many times as you like. Progress is saved so you may log out and log back in and resume at the same place.

The link to the e-learning page is below:


Instructions for e-Learning Registration:

To make a login click on the link above and enter your details. Please use your full name and the same email you intend to use for REDCap, this should ideally be an institutional email such as a university or hospital email.

When you have entered your details correctly and click register you will need to log in using the details you just entered, navigate to the e-learning page again, if needed. You will NOT receive a confirmation email, for ease of use. You may edit your password using the lost password link at the bottom of the login form as well.