With applications for the new Steering Committee opening, we felt it would be a good opportunity to introduce a couple of us and share some experiences of the values we’ve gained from joining the STARSurg committee.  We are looking for anyone passionate about surgical research to join our STARSurg family, you may be a STARSurg veteran having been involved before as a collaborator trying to push your boundaries, or you may be at the start of your journey, we welcome all! We hope to encourage people with the passion, dedication and drive to question the norm, and help further the boundaries of surgical research and practice. 


I’m a 4th (going into final) year at the University of Leeds. I’m interested in academic general surgery. I joined STARSurg initially as a Regional Lead for the IMAGINE project in 2017 and then progressed onto the Steering Committee the following year. Joining committee has given me the chance to develop countless skills including writing for protocols and papers, delivering oral presentations (which has really helped my confidence), as well as organisational and leadership skills. This is especially so this year, having been fortunate to progress to Student Lead, which gives me a lot more responsibility in taking a leadership role within the committee. 


I’m a penultimate (going into final) year at Cardiff University, having intercalated last academic year. I’m passionate about research and had the opportunity to get involved with it through STARSurg, first as a collaborator, then Regional Lead and finally Steering Committee. Being on committee, you learn a lot about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into developing and implementing a national study, and learn problem solving skills for the day-to-day challenges that arise, which is invaluable. Being part of the data team, I have been fortunate to learn skills about data management and analysis. Through STARSurg, we not only focus on research but also medical education, and it’s exciting to be able to impact on a national scale. 

Both of us would thoroughly recommend getting involved to anyone that is interested in surgical research. It’s a lovely and supportive committee with people that are incredibly motivated and genuinely care about empowering students to produce evidence based research to improve the care of patients undergoing surgery in an impactful way. 

If anyone would like to get in touch for any more information we are all very happy to receive messages and answer any questions. Please direct them to our email address starsurguk@gmail.com.

Click here for the role description.


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