As the last centres involved in OAKS 2 finalise their results, OAKS 2 has collected data on over 3000 patients with nearly 60% of the patients from OAKS 1 followed up so far. This has involved 300+ collaborators at over 100 hospitals across the UK and Ireland.

Whilst intended as a smaller scale project than our last two projects, this still represents a larger study than our original STARSurgUK study. This highlights how far the collaborative has come given that we can get still get more coverage and more patients despite this and this is thanks to the strong enthusiasm and engagement by students with research and our collaborative over the last 4 years.

OAKS 2 will elucidate the long term sequelae of patients who suffer an acute kidney injury (AKI), as despite it being an acute event the effects on mortality and morbidity remain pronounced in the long term. The factors leading up these further adverse events are not well understood, particularly following surgery, and we hope that with OAKS 2 we will be able to elucidate these. This is one of the few long term follow up studies in this area and the first to be performed by a student collaborative.

In other news we hope to announce a new risk scoring system for AKI based on the OAKS 1 study very shortly and will be submitting the OAKS 1 paper soon.




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