We held our RECON Launch Meeting on the 14th January 2019 at the Royal College of Surgeons England, in London. It was a highly successful meeting with fantastic student engagement. 

STARSurg began 2019 with the RECON Launch and research skills course this January at the Royal College of Surgeons in London, ahead of the RECON project going live. This event welcomed a full range of students from1st to 5th year medical students, through to core trainees from all over the UK.

This morning featured a protocol launch mixed in withkeynote speeches from Professor Derek Alderson, President of RCS, Dr Ben Creagh-Brown and Dr Mark Edwards.  As part of the protocol launch there was also useful talks on REDCap and a session on how to make the most of being a collaborator.  There were keynote talks around peri-operative care research in benefiting patients as well as talks focusing more directly on reducing postoperative pulmonary complications.

For the afternoon, a succession of talks on research skills included the topics of recruiting patients to randomised trials, delivering presentation with impact, designing the PICO-perfect study and Professor Alderson relayed key tips and pitfalls to avoid in successfully publishing research. Additionally there were talks on career skills – on application to surgical programme, focussing on how to make the most of medical school, and tips on how to get your first choice Academic Foundation Programme job.

From the feedback, delegates thoroughly engaged with the day and got a lot out of it. STARSurg managed to cater for all levels of audience through talks aimed at all stages of training as well as focused talking on the area of interest here, postoperative pulmonary complications.

The day was very successful in delivering our protocol launch and research skills talks as well getting to know committee and delegates alike.  The RECON project has now gone live and the commitment of collaborators have all contributed to the huge success so far – we’ve just hit over 1000 records so far during period 1!

Please find the presentations from our RECON Launch Meeting below.