STARSurg can benefit any type of medical student, regardless of experience, year group, or interests. Yet if you are interested in a career as an academic clinician, then involvement with the STARSurg collaborative can be of even greater value.


Whilst not the only way to enter the academic pathway in a career, many students will consider applying for an Academic Foundation Programme (AFP) when they finish medical school. The current AFP application procedure candidates are assessed by combination of the candidate’s medical school performance, CV content, and white space questions, with possible interviews then offered following this stage. Importantly, many of these AFP jobs are not just pure research, but can cover teaching or leadership areas too.


Involvement with STARSurg at any level, be that collaborator, local lead, or steering committee member, will develop the skills and attributes that the academic programme is seeking. Whilst participating in one of our cohort studies will gain you PubMed citable co-authorship, the teaching, leadership, communication and team working experience you gain can be invaluable content for both the white space questions and potential interviews.


Participating in one of our annual cohort studies involves working extensively in a mini-team communicating with junior doctors, a consultant, other health professionals and admin staff. Similarly, as a local lead orchestrating the efforts of STARSurg at your medical school, you can develop leadership and interpersonal skills which can form the basis of a successful application and interview discussion.


STARSurg also runs several courses at universities around the country, with content produced by committee members and the local organisation provided by local leads or the local surgical society. Involvement in organising an educational course for delivery at your university once again can demonstrate leadership, organisation, and interpersonal skills and will make a positive difference at your university.


We are all looking forward to starting work in our academic foundation programmes, and encourage you to make the most of the opportunities offered by STARSurg, as we all have done.


If you would like to be involved in our projects please join our mailing list:


Mike Bath1, Stephen Chapman2, Henry Claireaux3, Tom Drake4, James Glasbey5, Toby Hoskins6, Chia Kong7, Midhun Mohan8, Rachael Morley9, Cal Robinson10, Abigail Shaw11, Holly Wilson12


1AFP in Cambridge (Ex-Steering Committee), 2Outgoing AFP in Yorkshire and Humber (Ex-Steering Committee),  3AFP in Oxford (Steering Committee), 4AFP in Edinburgh (Steering Committee), 5Outgoing AFP in Wales (Steering Committee), 6AFP in Cambridge (Local Lead), 7AFP in Glasgow (Steering Committee),8AFP in Liverpool (Steering Committee), 9AFP in Bristol (Local Lead),10AFP in Edinburgh (Local Lead), 11AFP in Oxford (Local Lead), 12AFP in Southampton (Local Lead)

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