Education Paper Infographic

STARSurg published the above paper in 2015, see the full text free here:

This study was conducted by surveying the collaborators of our original STARSurgUK study in 2013. The collaborators reported a number of benefits to their participation in STARSurg including: increased confidence in clinical data collection, increased confidence in presenting findings, increased appreciation of research, audit and the quality improvement cycle.

These are all skills and values essential to the GMC’s outcomes for medical graduates in Tomorow’s Doctors which includes ‘the doctor as a scholar and scientist.’ Many medical students struggle to find the opportunity to engage in high quality research and STARSurg fills this gap.

Since the initial 2013 study, STARSurg has conducted 3 larger national cohort studies with many more thousands of medical students participating.

STARSurg will be running it’s first pan-European collaborative with partners Eurosurg, this year, see here: This will offer research opportunities to many more students across Europe and further increase STARSurg’s educational impact.


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