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What is STARSurg?

The Student Audit and Research in Surgery (STARSurg) collaborative is a national, student-led audit and research network with representation from medical schools across the UK and Ireland. It empowers students to participate in high quality academic projects, forming links with supervising junior doctors and consultants.
Through this, students contribute data to national studies while gaining an understanding of clinical academia, audit and research methodology, and ethical considerations.
Our authorship policy designates PubMed-citable co-authorship to all collaborators who contribute.
Our first national project saw 258 student collaborators representing 31 UK medical schools collaborate to collect outcomes data over a two-week period on a prospective cohort of 1500 patients across 109 UK hospitals.

What is a collaborative?

Collaborative trainee networks in the UK developed as regional networks of surgical registrars, with the first collaborative (West Midlands Research Collaborative, WMRC), launching in 2009.
They have delivered major collaborative projects including cohort studies and multicentre randomised controlled trials such as ROSSINI.
STARSurg has emulated this with the first-ever national student audit in 2013, STARSurgUK.
Following a pre-designed protocol developed by an expert steering committee, local collaborators can form into teams, register the project at their local hospital, and contribute data.
With many collaborators working at many different centres, the data submitted  combines to form an important international data set. Teamwork!

How do I get involved?

Any medical student or junior doctor can attend our educational meetings or participate in the annual STARSurg audit or research project. Collaborating on our projects may involve a number of different roles: collecting data, leading and co-ordinating projects in your region, presenting data at your hospital, helping write a manuscript for publication at a 'Hack Day' event and many more.
Contact the regional lead in your area to join a project.
Any grade of doctor from foundation doctor to consultant is invited to supervise and support our mini teams of students at their local hospital.
Keep your eyes on the Twitter feed, our Facebook page or this website to keep up to date with our activities.
You can also email us, subscribe to our mailing list, or contact your local STARSurg medical school lead for opportunities to get involved in surgical research and audit in your area!
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