Student Audit and Research in Surgery (STARSurg) is the first national, student-led audit and research network with representation from all clinical medical schools in the UK and Republic of Ireland (ROI).

We aim to foster academic and research training, promote evidence-based practice, and build a culture of collaboration needed to improve patient care. We empower students to get involved in high quality academic projects, forming links with supervising junior doctors and consultants. Through this, students contribute data to national studies while gaining an understanding of clinical academia, audit and research methodology, and ethical considerations.

STARSurg continues to grow internationally and has since delivered several multi-centre and student-led national studies, which to date have included thousands of collaborators and tens of thousands of patients across the UK and Ireland.

We consistently publish papers in major journals, and have significant impact through presentations across the world. Our authorship policy designates PubMed-citable co-authorship to all collaborators who contribute.

We are very proud of our longstanding partnership with the British Journal of Surgery (BJS) Society and their ongoing support of our activities to encourage students and junior doctors in pursuing research and surgery. Click here to find out more about our partnership with BJS Society.

Find your regional lead to get involved, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook to stay up to date with our work and latest opportunities!

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