INCEPT (clINical aCademia E-learning PlaTform) is a fantastic new initiative designed to allow students to explore and better understand research and clinical academia. We are constantly working to make this area of medicine more inclusive, and hope that these courses will empower students with the knowledge and skills to get involved!

The Moodle-based modules cover a wide range of topics around three core themes: academic careers, study design and statistics. See below for more info on each area.

INCEPT is run jointly by STARSurg and the University of Edinburgh, and is generously supported by a grant from the Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) Inspire Scheme

It's All Academic

This module will cover everything you need to know to get involved in research and pursue a clinical-academic career. 

  1. How to get involved in research
  2. Academic Foundation Programmes (AFP) and the clinical-academic pathway
  3. How to make the most of your research

Studying Design

This module will cover the core stuff you need to know to about study design for critical appraisal & doing them yourself. 

  1. Introduction to Study Design
  2. Observational Studies
  3. Clinical Trials
  4. Systemic Reviews

Significant Statistics

This module will cover the core stuff you need to know to about how to do & understand common statistics in research.
  1. Why statistics are important
  2. Core concepts in statistics
  3. Analysis of different types of data