CASCADE is our 2021-2022 project CArdiovaSCulAr outcomes after abDominal surgEry, run in collaboration with EuroSurg.

Postoperative cardiovascular complications (PCCs) are increasingly common after major non-cardiac surgery, ranging from arrhythmias, to life-threatening complications such as myocardial infarction and cardiac arrest. Mitigating risks of PCCs are important, since these complications are associated with increased morbidity and mortality. However, there is a little robust evidence regarding the risk factors, incidence and outcomes of patients with PCCs after abdominal surgery in the UK. 

The primary aim of this study is to audit compliance to pre-, intra-, and postoperative audit standards in reducing risk of PCC. 

Secondary aims are:

  • To characterise rates of PCC following major abdominal surgery in the UK and Ireland
  • To identify risk factors associated with PCC.
  • To explore association of postoperative anaemia with short term outcomes (30-day complications and readmission, cardiovascular morbidity, mortality, critical care admission, length of stay).

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How to get involved in CASCADE

If you are a student in the UK or Ireland, you can join CASCADE as a collaborator. Please contact your regional lead to register.

If you are a student or trainee in Europe, and would like to get involved, please register your interest or contact your national lead directly, using the map below.

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