Senior Co-Lead

Sivesh Kamarajah

I am an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham. I am currently a steering committee member for the International, multicentre prospective cohort study, Oesophagogastric Anastomosis Audit (OGAA), the ESCP Safe-anastomosis Programme in Colorectal Surgery (EAGLE), and the Roux Group. I have published >50 PubMed articles and delivered at over >70 national and international meetings. In 2018 I was awarded an “Excellence in Research Award in Hepatobilliary and Pancreas” by the American College of Surgeons.

Senior Co-Lead

Omar Kouli

I am an Neurosurgical Fellow at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow. I started my involvement with STARSurg as a collaborator for the OAKS2 study back in second year. I am now part of the data team in the steering committee. I have particular interests in global surgery, data science, and neurosurgery.



Student Lead

Aya Riad

I am a final year medical student at Edinburgh and have previously been involved in STARSurg as a Regional Lead for COMPASS. I’m on the data team and have interests in academic surgery, medical informatics and global health. I’m very excited to be part of the STARSurg steering committee and hope to continue empowering students to contribute to collaborative research!


Network Lead

Michal Kawka

I am a final year medical student at Imperial College London, interested in general surgery, and surgical technologies. I am a firm believer in collaborative research and having taken part in COMPASS and CASCADE studies. I have joined StarSurg Steering Committee hoping to share my passion with other medical students and promote collaboration in surgery.

Education Lead

Rohan Gujjuri

I’m an Academic Foundation Trainee based at City and Sandwell Hospital. I first became involved with STARSurg as a RECON collaborator and have built on that experience through the EuroSurg and COVIDSurg Collaboratives. I am passionate about academic general surgery, research and education with hopes of strengthening the important work achieved by STARSurg in recent years.

Data Co-Lead

Daoud Chaudhry

I am an FY1 doctor at Royal Stoke University Hospital. I’ve been involved with COVIDSurg over the past few years as part of the operations committee and this has really helped me realise the power of collaborative research. I have a particular interests in global surgery, spinal surgery, and data science.  

Data Co-Lead

Samuel Brown

I am currently an SFP doctor in Edinburgh, having graduated from the University of Leicester. I have been involved in STARSurg since 2nd year as a data collector and, since joining the committee in 2019, I have held various positions focussing on supporting the regional leads and data analysis. I also hold the position of regional ambassador for ASiT and Medical Student Representative for NRC. I have a particular interest in surgical education, training and research.



Setthasorn Ooi

I am a final year medical student at Cardiff University, with an interest in neuroscience, global surgery and medical education. I first became involved in STARSurg through engaging on INCEPT and being a collaborator for STARSurg-endorsed studies – UKFPO and CovidMedEd. Through the Steering Committee, I hope to promote collaboration in surgery and encourage students to contribute to high-impact studies that have the potential to change clinical practice and improve patient care.


Ieva Jakaityte

I am intercalating in MSc Health Data Science this year at the University of Exeter. I am passionate about plastic, head and neck surgery and surgical education. I was first involved in STARSurg through the ASiT x STARSurg x RSM UKFPO survey. I have learned how empowering collaborative research can be for medical students, and I am looking forward to working towards meaningful research outputs.

Isobel Trout

I’m in my FY1 in Stockport, having previously intercalated in Health Data Science at LSHTM, and graduated from University of Birmingham. I first got involved with STARSurg as a data collector for RECON and joined the Steering Committee in 2019. This year I have been working with the network team and have designed our new website. I am particularly interested in global surgery, womens’ health and medical education, focussing on increasing student participation in research.

Shiraz Shafi

I am an Academic Foundation Trainee at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, having graduated from the University of Dundee. I became involved with STARSurg as a data collector in the RECON and COMPASS projects giving me insight to the mechanics of collaborative research. I have interests in data science, medical education and academic surgery. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a steering committee member and hope to further develop my data analysis and programming skills over the coming years.

Jingjing Wang

I’m a fourth-year medical student at the University of Edinburgh, having intercalated in Surgical Sciences last year. My interests include academic surgery, paediatric orthopaedics, and medical education. I first became involved with STARSurg as a Regional Lead in 2020 and am incredibly grateful to have been given a position on the Steering Committee this year. I’m a firm supporter of collaborative research and hope to continue STARSurg’s work in empowering student researchers and promoting evidence-based practice!

Moritz Steinruecke

I am a fourth-year medical student and recently began my clinical years at Cambridge. I became involved with STARSurg during the CASCADE project and was excited by the opportunity to develop skills across surgical research and data science. I look forward to working with the STARSurg committee!

Yousif Aldabbagh

I am a final year medical student at UCL (University College London) with an iBSc in Neuroscience and have been involved in STARSurg as a Regional Lead on the CASCADE project from 2021. I am passionate about neurosurgery, technology in healthcare and medical education. I look forward to being part of the steering committee and continuing to support high-impact collaborative research initiatives.

Louise Ko

I’m a third year medical student at University College Dublin. I first became involved with STARSurg as a regional lead in Dublin (UCD), and am thrilled to expand the role in joining the steering committee as a regional lead coordinator. I am particularly interested in international and intercultural collaboration in medical research and data handling.