Our experience within the STARSurg Steering Committee

With applications for the new steering committee opening, we felt it would be a good opportunity to introduce a couple of us and share some experiences of the values we’ve gained from joining the committee. We’re looking for students who are passionate about surgery and research to join the STARSurg family! You may be a bit like Sam (he’s a bit of a veteran now, having been around since 2017 and still a medical student) or Viktorija who joined the committee last year, we welcome everyone’s application. We hope that our passion, dedication and lateral thinking all help further the boundaries of surgical research as well as the achievements of medical students.


 I am currently a 5th (going into final) year medical student at Leicester University. I joined the steering committee in 2019 having been involved as a collaborator since the Imagine project in 2017. Since joining I have held various positions allowing me to develop my own knowledge and skills including delivering oral presentations, leading national surveys and developing e-learning modules. I have been very fortunate to be supported by an incredible team who have continuously provided opportunities for growth and learning. My role over the next year at STARSurg will be as student lead, allowing me to take on more responsibility within a leadership role within the committee. Being on committee has highlighted to me the importance of a good learning environment, where you’re encouraged to think independently and supported in doing so.


Hello everyone! I am a penultimate year medical student (going into final year this September) at the University of Exeter, having intercalated in MSc Genomic Medicine this year. For the past three years I have been involved with STARSurg first as a collaborator, then a regional lead and finally a steering committee member. I decided to apply for the latter due to my interest in both research and surgery. Joining the committee has not only shown me how collaborative research works, but also helped to advance my problem-solving and team-working skills among many other transferable attributes. Although this year has understandably brought a change in the usual committee activities, I had the pleasure of being closely involved in the development of our new education platform – INCEPT. I highly recommend for students with interests in research and/or surgery to apply – the experience has been invaluable for me!

Both Viktorija and I couldn’t recommend getting involved enough and we both hope our short blogs inspire you to apply. It is an incredibly lovely and supportive committee with people who are incredibly motivated and genuinely care about empowering students.

If anyone would like to get in touch to ask any question or for more information you’re welcome to contact the committee here (hyperlink to committee page).

To apply please see: https://forms.gle/SJZVKtiiQNiXQaJW7